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With access to preferable rates on payment processing & consumer financing

Getting paid isn’t always cut and dry. First, you need reliable and secure payment processing. Then, you have to consider the flexible payment options your customers want, like consumer financing. Finally, you have to fight for the best rates possible. For our members, it’s all easier and more affordable.

Member benefits

About our members-only payment & financing solutions

Members of Fitness Shop Edge make the most (and pay the least) with modern retail services and payment tools that have been proven to improve sales and drive customer loyalty. Learn about our member-exclusive payment and finance tools below:

Customer Financing

Add flexible payment options that pay off

Our members-only consumer financing program, Freedom to Play, helps you improve your average sale and lets your customers pay over time

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Payment Processing

Earn more from every credit card payment

With access to lower, pre-negotiated rates and better service, members process credit card transactions with the ease and cost-efficiency of their biggest competitors

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Freedom to Play Consumer Financing

Give your customers the flexibility to buy now and pay later with white-labeled consumer financing


Cards are printed with your business name, regardless of the brand your customers purchase

Good for sales, good for customers:

On average, customers using financing spend $545 more and 87% feel promotional financing makes big-ticket purchases more manageable


Customers can apply within a mile of your store location with ‘Mobile Apply’, allowing for privacy, security and a simple approval process

Payment Processing

Ensure the lowest possible processing rate, with members-only service & support

Many businesses that stand out in performance are always finding new ways to add to their bottom line. As more and more customers switch from cash to cards, getting a better payment processing rate is an easy way to accomplish this. With our pre-negotiated processing rates, it’s easy to save more and earn more.

Take control of your contract:

No fees for cancelling early or multiple years locked in

Slash your fees:

Rest assured you’re getting low rates, with ZERO hidden fees

Add new flexibility:

Give your customers the flexibility to pay how they want, whether it’s a wireless terminal or mobile checkouts

what members are saying

“We recommend letting the team review your current credit card processing pricing. They save us over $30,000 per year on our AMEX processing alone.”

– Jana Cole, Cole Sport, Park City, UT
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