Good insight leads to profitable foresight

Grow smart with industry-leading market research

Your biggest competitors have access to equally big market research teams that make proactive decisions faster and easier. Meanwhile, too many local businesses operate on intuition alone. That’s why we launched Insights4Members – to grant every member access to industry-leading market research that levels the playing field for our network.


What’s your next big opportunity?

Whether you’re adding a new product, checking your gut, or looking to grow – the smartest businesses look long. Membership grants unique access to real market research gathered by leading experts to help members identify opportunities sooner and strategize for the future more readily.

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Let’s help you focus on the future

Research and market analysis commissioned by Fitness Shop Edge can help members in numerous ways…

Know your customer

Explore customer sentiment, shopping habits, and more to better understand your target audience

Break down barriers

Identify internal and external factors that are barriers to entry for your best potential customers

Generate new ideas

Find ideas for new services, product lines, or marketing tactics with professional trend reports

Where could data make a difference in your business?

Members directly influence market research commissioned by our network. Which questions are burning a hole in your business strategy?

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