Katelyn Davis

Marketing & Operations Specialist

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Katelyn joined The Bike Cooperative team in 2018. She manages all things marketing for TBC from brand marketing to member communications to marketing programs for our members nationwide. If you participate in any of our Marketing programs you’ve likely had the pleasure of talking with Katelyn and learning about her love of winter and all things New Hampshire. 


You deal with marketing programs with Members. Be honest – What is the highest amount of calls you have had to make to reach someone for their marketing program?

I will not name names, but there are a few members I can think of that I’ve called over 10 times between demos, questions, chasing, etc to get up and running with LiftClub Rewards. The same can be said for a few Direct Mail participants – you know who you are… 🙂  

What program are you most excited about for 2023?

We are always looking for new marketing programs that will help our members run their businesses more effectively. With that said, I am most looking forward to revamping a long running program of ours, Direct Mail. We will be getting more creative with our add-ons we include and incentives for members to participate. In a time where digital channels are often overflowing with advertising, direct mail is a great strategy to engage current customers AND prospects.

You and your husband go to trivia night every week – Be honest, who gets more right answers, you or Jeremy?

We each have our own areas of ‘expertise’ when it comes to trivia. Anything sports and history is where Jeremy really shines. I’m most reliable with music, geography and food & drink categories.

Name your top 3 breweries that you frequent the most.

My husband and I love travelling around the New England area to visit breweries. We are so spoiled in this region with craft breweries galore!

1: Able Ebenezer. This is where we play trivia each week and is the most local to us. It is also veteran owned, so we are happy to support them.

2: Spyglass Brewing. This local brewery has been getting TONS of attention since they’ve opened. They are expanding to a new location soon and can’t wait to check it out!

3: Liquid Therapy. Located in a historic firehouse, this brewery has a great selection of beer styles. The best part is their service – the owner is almost always there to greet customers and check in on which beers you’ve enjoyed the most during your visit.

If you had to choose – Would it be lake life or snowboarding for the rest of your days?

This question is SO hard for me to answer. But, if we are considering the rest of my days.. I’d have to say Lake Life. You just can’t beat sitting out on a pontoon on a sunny day with great company and some good tunes. Fun for all ages. I’d love to believe that I’ll be out shredding into my 80s though.