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10 ways to grow sales this year for your fitness store

2021 is here. With a new year upon us, many business owners are resetting goals and thinking about growth. No matter the challenges, if you’re looking for actionable tactics to grow this year: consider a few suggestions on where to dive-in.

#1 Customer loyalty matters

I recently shopped at an independent store in my small town. The next day, I received an email from the business owner thanking me for my purchase. I know better than to believe it was actually written by the owner, but it still seemed personal. It made me stop and think, “I should shop there more…”.

The automated customer loyalty systems available today can create positive interactions that inspire customers to spend more money and feel good about doing it. That’s not something the average big box store can say. That’s why building an email list and implementing customer loyalty strategies could be a big win for you this year. If you’ve resisted a loyalty system in the past, it might be time to reconsider. 

#2 Utilize social media

Similar to a loyalty system, social media may be something you’re avoiding. It takes time and effort, not to mention annoyance from the constant notifications, messages, and alerts. The average person spends 2 hours a day on social media, but you don’t have to. Find a program that can manage the posts and will schedule things out ahead of time.

Social media is a free way to engage with customers. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of its accessibility.

#3 Invest in your employees

There’s nothing more valuable than a healthy work environment with a team of hard-working employees who are bought-in to your company. Maybe this year is the year you work to build employee trust and support to a new level. 2020 was rough, and we can’t predict the future. But if there’s one thing it proved, it was that a trained, cohesive team makes a big difference. 

#4 Know your customers

These days, it pays to know your customers. The thing is – customers are changing. Think about how you can update your understanding with customer surveys, then work to implement the findings. On top of this, double down on your reviews.  It will improve your customer service and customer rating.

#5 Think about networking

Networking can seem like a total buzzword, it’s true. But don’t overlook it, especially if you have a few slower months after the holiday rush. Meet with local organizations or other businesses to generate new ideas. Talk to your neighboring businesses, attend a networking event in your area, get in touch with your local chamber of commerce, and start a LinkedIn page if you don’t have one.

#6 Did 2020 change your opinion on remote work?

For many, 2020 was a crash-course in remote-work. Naturally, not every task can be done remotely. But for the many industries that have office staff, everyday real-estate needs for office space drastically and suddenly changed. This year, whether your growth plans include a new marketing initiative or fresh hires on your sales team – don’t underestimate how well work can be done from afar. You can often find a great deal of talent for your budget by embracing remote work.

Even if you’re not looking to add to your team, relaxed work from home policies could be the change your local staff has needed all along. If anything, 2020 proved it can certainly be productive. 

#7 Host events

If there’s another thing 2020 proved to us, it’s that “Event” can mean a lot of different things. It doesn’t just have to be a way to bring business in the door. It’s an opportunity to get creative, and the pandemic proved that getting creative pays off. Whether you’re partnering with another business, doing it yourself, focusing on products, or getting out in the community – make a plan to do at least one event this year.

#8 Set goals

To consider any type of growth, you need to be strategic. This requires setting goals and evaluating progress throughout the year. Think about goals related to revenue, employee retention, inventory turnover (if you have inventory), gross margin, new customer acquisition, and project completion. Pick them, plot them (wherever it’s convenient) and get to work! Start making small changes to see what pushes the needle, then document it.

#9 Make use of easy & efficient apps

Digital and automated solutions have made some of the most time-consuming tasks faster and easier than ever. If you’re still doing tasks like payroll, accounting, or marketing in-house – it might be time to consider some updates. Now that virtually every employee and customer has a computer within arms reach at all times – going digital every way you can, can quickly make a positive impact on the way you do business. 

#10 Stay on top of industry trends

As you look to grow this year, don’t neglect to stay on top of your industry. Find new publications, industry experts, and resources to keep up with major trends. Also, be on the lookout for conferences that could be resuming or changing dates in the coming year due to evolving restrictions.

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